CODE N101003 cartoon
PROJECT cartoons for APA foundation
COSTS currently none
SPONSOR Hans Mader and cartoonschool

Hans Mader is a cartoonist and was put into contact with the foundation by Marcel Verbiest of De Cartoonschool, Amsterdam, who had already expressed his sympathy with the aims of APA Foundation and wished to make a contribution to its activities. He came up with the idea of cartoons that could then be printed on t-shirts and cards, etc. to raise the profile of the foundation. The drawings could also be used for other purposes. He put us in contact with Hans Mader who, after discussion on the message the foundation wants to put over, offered three wonderfully-executed cartoons. He chose to depict animals with a handicap, but which do not feel limited by it and have a full life. APA Foundation is very pleased with this initiative and the result and is developing a plan for the best way to use it.