The APA Foundation (Stichting APA) works with volunteers and permanent employees, none of whom are paid.

A Dutch occupational therapist, with experience in various assistance sectors, is associated with the APA Foundation. Her study of medical anthropology allows her to contribute to aligning assistance to the personal requirements and experience of the applicant.

A financial adviser handles budgeting and fund-raising, PR and project management. The Foundation's treasurer looks after the financial records.

In addition, the APA Foundation is recruiting professional helpers such as paramedics and doctors who are prepared to work on a voluntary basis, where possible on site. A basic principal of the Foundation is to build up a network of local staff and volunteers, so that co-ordinated assistance can be offered structurally through good co-operation.

Alliances have been set up with local health services, doctors and nurses in health centres and with social services and religious organisations and teachers of various courses in the areas where the Foundation operates.

In addition, helpers are being appointed as mediators to communicate between applicants and the Foundation.

Permanent mediators of the foundation in Bali are Dr. Ibu Siti Sundari Manoppo and Kadek Wira, volunteer and head of the coordination of Sai Baba's aid organization in Bali. In addition, there has been frequent collaboration with, among others, Dr. Nisa Setiati, Dr. Peter Manoppo and Made Witari.

The members of the board of the Foundation are:
E.D. Godrie-Schuitevoerder, chairman
C.J.J. Godrie, secretary,
N.D. Schuitevoerder, treasurer.

The members of the committee of recommendation are:
drs. K.L. Schuitevoerder, psychologist, BIG registered nurse
drs. R. S. Zondervan, ergotherapie and coordinator
patient education in RCA Centre, Amsterdam