Housing modifications

CODE IB 290306 Lotu Artini
PROJECT housing modifications
COSTS not yet known

Being sought

Putu Artini is 13 years old and has multiple handicaps. She is among a group who visit Stichting High5Rehab. At the request of her physiotherapist, APA Foundation made a home visit and drew up a plan for housing modifications. Putu Artini cannot care for herself and always has to depend on others. She is carried or pushed in her wheelchair. The bathroom/toilet (kamar mandi) have been built behind the house. As there are two steps to climb to enter or leave the house, the kamar mandi is not easy to reach by wheelchair. Both the house and the kamar mandi have to be made accessible by wheelchair to make it easier to care for Putu and to make it possible to take her to the kamar mandi in her wheelchair. The steps to the house from the road also have to be made wheelchair accessible.

The housing modifications have not yet been made but Putu has received a urinal in case she cannot get to the toilet.

Lotu spends much of the day lying down or sitting in a wheelchair. She is completely dependent on her family for care. She cannot sit up on her own without support, partly because she has no headrest. APA Foundation is looking for a suitable chair. In the meantime, a headrest has been attached to her current chair to make it more comfortable.

APA Foundation has made the kamar mandi wheelchair-accessible and taken steps to make caring for Lotu easier. Access to the property from the street has also been improved.