CODE NL200303 transport
PROJECT Wheelchair transport to Bali, Indonesia
COSTS Not known

In March 2003, PZG (Piloten Zonder Grenzen) arranged a free-of-charge shipment of second-hand rehabilitation aids to Indonesia for APA Foundation. It consisted of 6 wheelchairs, including a child's wheelchair, 8 walking frames, a pair of new crutches and a child's commode. The goods were collected in Jakarta by staff of the foundation.

Importing the goods took a great deal of work and for a while looked as if it would cost the foundation a lot of money. After a great deal of effort and assistance by KLM locally, the costs were, in the end, very small. The storage costs for the cargo were halved and, in effect, importation cost nothing. While importation was originally to cost about Rp 12,000,000 /
€ 1500 and storage Rp 1,160,000 / € 122.95, the total costs were reduced to a total of Rp 935,000 / € 99. The goods were then taken to Bali by land.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who made a contribution for their efforts.

Unfortunately the two front wheels of the child's wheelchair did not survive the journey. The tyres had already dried out and broke during the journey. Replacements are being sought. APA Foundation has covered the cost of this transport which totalled Rp 3,633,900 / € 385,15