Build kamar mandi

CODE IB 260307 Made
PROJECT build kamar mandi
COSTS estimated at Rp. 4.200.000,00 / €342

Being sought


Made Sujaya is a young man of 20 who, since an illness when he was 13, can barely walk. No diagnosis has ever been made, but his entire motor function is damaged and he also has difficulty speaking. He can walk short distances in and around the house using crutches but he needs to use a wheelchair, provided by Senang Hati, for longer distances. Made goes to Stichting Senang Hati for physiotherapy and to take part in workshops. Made stays at Senang Hati but actually lives with his parents, who are very poor and live in a small house with no toilet or bathroom, which makes it difficult for him to wash and go to the toilet on his own. He is always dependent on others for help, which is difficult for a young man… APA Foundation, therefore, drew up a plan to build a bathroom and toilet suitable to Made’s abilities, so that he can operate independently. This needs both a water supply and sewer to be built.

Construction was eventually delayed for a month due to ceremonies being held. The kamar mandi (bathroom with toilet) was finished in July 2008.