CODE IB 290300 Gunasih
PROJECT Children's home playground
COSTS €923,-
SPONSOR Bebob Design Amsterdam / Giso BV

The request
The request was to build a playground with apparatus at the site of the home, which is also an educational institution, where handicapped children live. The head of the home has described the objective as follows: 
"To support the development and educational activities for handicapped children at the institution." As well as being play equipment, the apparatus can act as exercise equipment for maintaining, improving and/or training certain functions, such as sitting and balancing, standing and walking.

To ensure the therapeutic value of the apparatus, a plan has been drawn up in consultation between the applicant and the mediators, involving a detailed design for the entire playground and the type of equipment, the materials, the finish and the layout of the playground.

Playground built
The playground was built in January and February 2001. A small company in Lovina, Bali, was selected after a study of the abilities and quality offered by various welding businesses. Prices for welding work are much lower in the Buleleng region, where Lovina is situated, than in the Klungkung region and so the overall cost was reduced to € 923,– from the original estimate of € 2630,– quoted by a company elsewhere in Bali.

The selected company has made playground apparatus for schools in the region in the past, and so its earlier work could be examined and some pieces of equipment served as the basis for the adapted playground. The welding of the apparatus was done over two weeks. The process was followed closely by Elly and Casey Godrie so that the work could be assessed while it was in progress and new ideas implemented. The company also handled transport and installation.

The playground under construction and the result

The result
The best location for each piece of equipment and the most efficient layout of the site was discussed and agreed by the school management and staff of Stichting APA taking account of accessibility for all the children, and best use was made of shaded areas. The site was cleared with the help of teachers and pupils and the equipment was installed. A number of safety barriers were also installed to protect the children. Finally, all the equipment was painted in bright colours.

The next day, as is traditional in Bali, offerings were attached in thanks to all the equipment and to ask the gods to bless the playground.

Background information
The home incorporates a primary school for special education (SLB) attended by handicapped children. The home is managed by a foundation, while the school is state-run. Applications by state institutions require all kinds of government permits and this is one reason why the playground has been requested by the home, although in fact the intention is that the pupils of the school will also be able to use it.
There are 67 children, of whom 32 live in and 35 live out. There are also children at the home who go to school/college elsewhere. They are children with physical, mental or sensory handicaps or a combination of these. There are seven teachers.
The home and the school are very simple and there is almost no exercise or play equipment. There is, however, space to develop a playground.


Cost of maintenance Rp. 2,000,000 / € 183,–

As usual, this year, staff of the foundation visited the school in Klungkung and the home linked to it for children with a handicap. An inspection showed that the playground, which had been built by APA Foundation, needed maintenance. There was some wear and tear to all the apparatus as a result of the weather and intensive use.

Situation before

A local welding company was invited to tender for the work. The maintenance was carried out immediately. After maintenance: